Monday, December 22, 2008

Graduation Celebration

I graduated with my Master's last week so exciting. I wanted to show you my hair style. For this event, I wore my hair up. Twisted in the back, I wore lots of hair pins to keep it up and soft spiked it the night before. Right before I left for the commencement I moussed it and pulled it away from my face on the side and twisted it in a french roll in the back.

I am quite the perfectionist and it took me a second to get the cap on just right so that my bangs would show through. It didn't show the length as much as I wanted to but I was happy with the overall affect when it was all said and done. Its impressive to me that it stood the test of time and withheld all day and night partying. It started to snow the night of the event and it kept up with all of it without a hitch!.

I loved my blouse that I wore a red halter shirt with the back out it was so cute but I mostly wore a black jacket over it because I'm pretty modest and could only ho' out for a second :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween

Here's another ghoulish picture of me! This is me getting a retightening. Ha ha well actually its not bad, I've been using my curlers for my locks (I use soft spikes) and while I look crazy with them in it totally worth the end result.

This is one of my favorite pictures of me in locks with my funny looking wife beater on I look ghetto but fabulous. Hope all of you have a great Halloween!

Btw I graduate December 13 from school. I am so psyched! This is such an accomplishment and I wish my mom were here to celebrate with me. But, I know she is in heaven looking down on me and smiling :)

My sister has to section them out and then start the tightening process, winding my hair around the tool and getting the new growth back in the pattern it needs to be in to continue.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Anniversary

My hair is one year old today, if you scroll around on my site you'll see my changes in my hair. I decided to go to locks one year ago. I saw someone on the 16th street mall today and she let me know she liked my hair but never could do it because she so afraid. She wanted to know if I did it myself (no never always go to a certified loctician) did I do alot with it (well I separate them after every washing - which is one to twice a week - I'm a fanatic) and what do I do to make them curly (i curl them with soft spikes small size but I'm going to have to get bigger ones in about six months).
This is the picture of my lock appointment. I was undergoing a surgery and wanting so many changes in my life and boy did I get them. I went from very short damaged, weaved, braided, bad (I know I'm not supposed to say it but bad hair) to my coily, lovely curly funny locks. Steph had just finished getting her tonsils out, my sister was going into surgery too, my daughter was going through fun at school and my job was turning into a mess of turmoil. But I thought I had friends at work that I could always count on.
As my hair grew so did the realization that my life was changing for the better. I found that my friends are actually chosen by me and given to be my a higher power. I found out I really didn't need to be a leader to lead, and I found out that love is wonderful when accepted and embraced.

When I first got my sisterlocks I wanted to cry because I thought it looked like little snakes all around sharp and twisted (because of the old perm) and so small and not filled in and so many parts and I wanted to wear a bandana. So different from me using my soft spikes and letting them set (I have tried using very little heat curlers on them and that is not good) and going right to work. Some days I just spritz it with water and rosemary essential oils (i have two bottles one at home one at work). I love keeping my hair moist from time to time. Not drenched like jeri curls but wetting and go to keep the pointers behaving.

Its getting odd I have locks in my eyes when the wind blows them and it scares me when I'm driving. I get them caught in my earrings because their falling just below my ears now. I feel a little bit on my neck which is ever so lovely and I like braiding them and letting them loose to be wild. I love it when people touch them. I can't wait to tell people about them when they ask. But my question is always this, women come up to me and say I want my hair to look like that but I'm just afraid. Afraid of what I wonder? The committment, the freedom from pressing comes and smelling like grease and oils and waxes? I haven't had anything but soap and water in my hair for over a year and ya know what? It hasn't fallen out. Do I some times want longer hair - yup but I know that my hair grows six inches per year and next year it will be around 10 - 12 inches long - yep 10 -12 inches long that's crazy for me. How do I know this because if you leave your hair alone it grows it can't help it. I also know because when I started I had 1 1/2 inches of coiled hair plus 2 - 3 inches of permed hair and not its almost 4.5 and that's with locking and using the tool and cutting out all of the permed hair. Hmm I wish I would've made the decision sooner. It hasn't cost me a job or a promotion or love in my life (if any hair style did I wouldn't want it). My sister and nephew both have theirs done too which only makes me happier. Yeah anniversary :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Measurements and measurements

So its me again. I've been trying to lose weight, figure out my life and where I fit in, and grow my Sisterlocks! Well I'm doing pretty well at the latter because I have no control. I see so many beautiful locks around. Very long and well kept and at the beginning of my hair journey I had neither. It was short, parted all over the place, choppy weird length, and my face is so full it just made me look like a egg colored with pieces of black yarn.

Now I'm finding focus and losing control. I have to lose control of where my hair and destiny is going and give over that God will give me the destination of his choosing and I have to let go. That's what I am seriously planning on doing. Its almost my locknniversary in September and I am so happy and can't wait to see what it looks like next year. Here's my lengths so far,

Nape of neck 2.75
Left Ear 3.75
Right Ear 3.75
Widows Peak 3.5

What this means to me is now that I have let go of growing my hair I get to do the same with my career. I love to sing and I love to cook so I have had a vision of two different ways that I should be going. One is the make extra money selling baked goods at the office – I love muffin tops and I want them to be my specialty.

Also, I feel drawn to starting a choir for my choice – ridiculous considering I only have singing talent (and haven’t done so in years) and have no pianist, no drums, and best of all no restrictions. I want people who join my choir to represent all the diversity that God brings. I feel we can do contemporary, gospel, and classical and even rock but claim it and sing it to inspire, teach and draw people to Him. I am so nervous about this new endeavor and I hope that I do Him justice!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Losing Weight

So I have cool new hair and am trying different things with it. I

started to braid it and let it go. I'm starting to exercise and watching my foods etc. I started to do the fat smash and after detox I feel like I crashed and burned. I was doing really good but after a few days of eating at restaurants I could feel myself getting larger so Steph and I have started working out at 24 hr fitness.

My day begins with multi vitamins, fish oil, and apex fat burn 1 with a yogurt, a grande americano with no sugar and no fat milk and i'm on my way. My lunch is usually a salad with protein and an egg with fat free salad dressing and dinner I try and have out like tokyo joe's chicken, veggie and brown rice bowl with curry or even a burger and fries. I'm working out 3 times a week so far (strength, cardio, kickboxing) that's it. I'll keep you updated!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So off I go

I'm so excited that I am getting started into new and better avenues. One I get my check in with my psychic this week (even though some of yall might not agree I think its fun), two my sisters (Renee and Shelley) and Steph and I are starting a networking group and I couldn't be happier its so good to have support and I hope we continue. If you are in the Denver metro area and want to give or receive support in starting your own business you can join our group Its open to all we are trying to visit small businesses for the meeting places, support each others events and businesses (when we can) and "hire" the best speakers we can (as a big ol' group).

Onto my hair, my sister is starting to tighten my hair and that girl can twist tight - jk it wasn't that bad. I am back to using the sisterlocks starter shampoo just to get the texture back as it was softer and wasn't locking quite as fast. I have to admit it is harder in texture but I love the smell of the knotty boy better but don't tell Dr. Cornwell that :)

I see it growing more which is odd I have some that are past my chin now (if I pull them) and then of course there's the blowing in the hair that I haven't ever felt before without extensions. Man oh man am I on my way!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Back to Basics

So my sis is now going towards her certification in Sisterlocks (she's the red head below!). So we were talking with the ever wonder Joyce my loctician and I guess I gotta stop using my knotty boy at least until I'm all locked up. So I'm going back to basics and back to the starter shampoo. But its not that my hair is slipping cuz it really isn't but it is still soft.

My locverssary is September so I wanna make sure its all good when a year comes around. So hopefully you can see how much my hair has grown.
Its been doin well its just so funny I'm a very happy one right now. I don't have much kitchies anymore which is so good!

So I also got a nose ring since I turned 37 and have wanted one for a very long time. So steph and eye were out and about and we decided well we're out might as well do something hmm dairy queen or a nose ring and I chose nose ring! Well longer blog later :)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy B day

This has been a crazy year! I am learning more about myself and more importantly about my life and why I love it so much. Steph through me a birthday party for my 37th. I can't believe I'm this old! Ha ha! My life has changed quite a bit. Last year I was thinking about leaving the State, had formed some close relationships at my job that I thought would never be broken and started dating Steph (not shown to the right - that's my best friend Christine). Anyway, now its a year later. I've found that I had to get rid of my myspace to avoid drama at the office, lost most of "close" friends at work and am now pretty much a loner except for spending time with Marlo. I'm the manager of the group now which means - you know - you have no friends any more at all. But that's okay because I have a great support system at my home with Steph, Shary, Shelley, Renee, Shawn, Kaye and Martell :)

My sis and nephew both have their hair did in locks now (Shelley did hers about a month after mine). She's now thinking about becoming certified. My daughter is wearing her hair all natural which is wonderful cuz she looks so cute! (my sis is to the right with her man Norman)

I don't think about my hair much but my hands are constantly in it. From time to time I want it to grow grow grow faster and faster. Just the other day I was helping Maria move and had to take hair out of my eyes! I couldn't believe it, my own hair from my crazy sides was in my eyes. Wow. That hasn't happened in forever. Not that I can remember unless I'm thinking when I was a kid. Try to blog sooner but really its getting crazy at work and there's not much to say so far.

Friday, March 21, 2008

New look

So I braided the sides of my hair and here's a new look for me I am loving this length I think. I haven't braided my hair in forever.

New Pix Side Pictures

Six months Six months I can't believe it its been so long, I've learned so much and have been through so much getting a great loctician. My sister took a great leap of faith and is doing her locks now and my nephew is getting his done Wed! I can't believe it a whole free family! I am so proud :)

Whatup with your hair?


Had sushi with my girl a few weeks ago. It was amazing to be able to swim and have fun and not worry about my hair. I showered and didn't bunch and band at all and nothing came out. I got my retightening done two weeks later and no slippage!!!

I am using the knotty boy shampoo bar once a week now it smells great and it doesn't take much. I wet my hair, run my hands over the bar and get them suds up then squish it into my wet hair. Then I rinse and do it again. The bar leaves my hair with no signs of that squishy conditioner feeling it feels bone dry and very clean. Love it! The bar is about $12 bucks but its worth it.

I was at my sisters birthday party and I did cute little pipe cleaner set which made them lay down like I was some jazz singer. My sis was amazed at how thick my hair is getting. I have no space in between the sections anymore. She asked me today while we were on the phone do you have thick hair? I told her I do now!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


I was over my sisters house looking at pictures and then again with my girl and my daughter just the other day. Its amazing how much I haven't changed (in regards to hair) ever since I was born. I look at the thin side, the fine texture, the short length. I think my hair has been five or six inches at its most for my entire life.
(me in 2007 before locks - around May)

Examining this I think about my locks. I think some of them are about that size now (after 4 mos of growing) and I wonder how long they will be next
(me in 2007 to the left) week, month and year. I'm diligently reading everyones blogs to see where there hair started especially those that have very long locks after years.

(Me 2004)

I then think about my ancestors. I remember braiding my great grandma's hair and oiling her scalp. She would sit in her rocking chair - we would have coffee or tea with cookies in china and someone would be watching Lawrence Welk. There we would be and I would be the beautician of the group asking my grandma and great grandma and auntie if my hair would ever be like theirs so straight so pretty so carefree. They didn't need perms or anything to have this corn silk hair they just needed hot oil treatments with blessed olive oil and to roll their hair with pink foam rollers wrapped with newspaper. I begged for this hair, wanted to die for this hair. Why didn't mine do this? It just soaked up the oil and my sides never got thicker never grew never lengthened what was wrong with me? Then I looked at my mom. She had beautiful past her shoulders braids when she was a child that she cut off immediately after beginning junior high. Maybe it was because of this that mine was so short and unruly. Its so fine and thin and BAD! It coils and curls and isn't straight at all.

Now looking at these pictures I feel all of the pain. The teasing by children about my bad hair, the wishing for beautiful mixed hair or straight white hair or curly mexican hair anything but my hair. I felt this was such a punishment my hair of mine, and now I'm looking at these pictures of my locks and I see thickness I see fullness I see peas of hardness and new growth. I measure my locks with my fingers and think one day I'm going to wake up and its now going to grow past this length. I'm not going to have hair past my ears - but here they are. I won't have hair on my forehead but I see three inches and four inches of growth creeping its way down. I feel hair on my neck that is mine and wanting to go further. Without any encouragement other than being left alone. This is a miracle that I feel so unworthy of at times, I am frightenend with every retightened I see this change in me and feel my strength and feel the tears dropping down my cheeks. Tears of years of pain tears of ancestry.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Year new things

So I'm doing homework for school (I'm getting my Master's in about four more classes) :)

I look out into the sky and I think of what I did this morning to get ready for a party we have to go to in about 4 hours. To prepare my hair for this event - after all this is what the forum is for - I spritz'd my hair with water (no peppermint essential oil today) and rolled small sections with pipe cleaners (just the ends). It will take about 15 minutes for the curl to show and that it is voila I will be done.

I have my first official lock! Its in the back of my head the left hand side. I'm really enjoying playing with it. My loctician the wonderful Joyce showed me where it was and had to see the difference in the texture it is hard and steady. It doesn't have any curls or loops to it. You can definitely feel the "setting in" that people describe. To me I'm overjoyed because this is what four months of work was for. I'm finally seeing some type of change that's hopeful to me having a full head of locks.

My coworkers are now commenting on my hair and how great it looks one lady asked me "but where is your long hair" and I told her "its here just wait and see". I some of the time want to pull on it to have it grow and grow if I had a button to push I would but alas, I get to wait. I desperately want to go shopping for things to put in my hair -- beads, jewels. I really am loving this.