Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Measurements and measurements

So its me again. I've been trying to lose weight, figure out my life and where I fit in, and grow my Sisterlocks! Well I'm doing pretty well at the latter because I have no control. I see so many beautiful locks around. Very long and well kept and at the beginning of my hair journey I had neither. It was short, parted all over the place, choppy weird length, and my face is so full it just made me look like a egg colored with pieces of black yarn.

Now I'm finding focus and losing control. I have to lose control of where my hair and destiny is going and give over that God will give me the destination of his choosing and I have to let go. That's what I am seriously planning on doing. Its almost my locknniversary in September and I am so happy and can't wait to see what it looks like next year. Here's my lengths so far,

Nape of neck 2.75
Left Ear 3.75
Right Ear 3.75
Widows Peak 3.5

What this means to me is now that I have let go of growing my hair I get to do the same with my career. I love to sing and I love to cook so I have had a vision of two different ways that I should be going. One is the make extra money selling baked goods at the office – I love muffin tops and I want them to be my specialty.

Also, I feel drawn to starting a choir for my choice – ridiculous considering I only have singing talent (and haven’t done so in years) and have no pianist, no drums, and best of all no restrictions. I want people who join my choir to represent all the diversity that God brings. I feel we can do contemporary, gospel, and classical and even rock but claim it and sing it to inspire, teach and draw people to Him. I am so nervous about this new endeavor and I hope that I do Him justice!


Brigitte said...

Growing it out is tough, especially when it is not at a length that can be easily pulled back or tucked behind an ear. That said, I think you have a beautiful face and the SL really frame it well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks I'm so happy with it! I'm putting more pix up because its starting to grow like a weed again :)