Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Back to Basics

So my sis is now going towards her certification in Sisterlocks (she's the red head below!). So we were talking with the ever wonder Joyce my loctician and I guess I gotta stop using my knotty boy at least until I'm all locked up. So I'm going back to basics and back to the starter shampoo. But its not that my hair is slipping cuz it really isn't but it is still soft.

My locverssary is September so I wanna make sure its all good when a year comes around. So hopefully you can see how much my hair has grown.
Its been doin well its just so funny I'm a very happy one right now. I don't have much kitchies anymore which is so good!

So I also got a nose ring since I turned 37 and have wanted one for a very long time. So steph and eye were out and about and we decided well we're out might as well do something hmm dairy queen or a nose ring and I chose nose ring! Well longer blog later :)