Monday, December 22, 2008

Graduation Celebration

I graduated with my Master's last week so exciting. I wanted to show you my hair style. For this event, I wore my hair up. Twisted in the back, I wore lots of hair pins to keep it up and soft spiked it the night before. Right before I left for the commencement I moussed it and pulled it away from my face on the side and twisted it in a french roll in the back.

I am quite the perfectionist and it took me a second to get the cap on just right so that my bangs would show through. It didn't show the length as much as I wanted to but I was happy with the overall affect when it was all said and done. Its impressive to me that it stood the test of time and withheld all day and night partying. It started to snow the night of the event and it kept up with all of it without a hitch!.

I loved my blouse that I wore a red halter shirt with the back out it was so cute but I mostly wore a black jacket over it because I'm pretty modest and could only ho' out for a second :)