Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Anniversary

My hair is one year old today, if you scroll around on my site you'll see my changes in my hair. I decided to go to locks one year ago. I saw someone on the 16th street mall today and she let me know she liked my hair but never could do it because she so afraid. She wanted to know if I did it myself (no never always go to a certified loctician) did I do alot with it (well I separate them after every washing - which is one to twice a week - I'm a fanatic) and what do I do to make them curly (i curl them with soft spikes small size but I'm going to have to get bigger ones in about six months).
This is the picture of my lock appointment. I was undergoing a surgery and wanting so many changes in my life and boy did I get them. I went from very short damaged, weaved, braided, bad (I know I'm not supposed to say it but bad hair) to my coily, lovely curly funny locks. Steph had just finished getting her tonsils out, my sister was going into surgery too, my daughter was going through fun at school and my job was turning into a mess of turmoil. But I thought I had friends at work that I could always count on.
As my hair grew so did the realization that my life was changing for the better. I found that my friends are actually chosen by me and given to be my a higher power. I found out I really didn't need to be a leader to lead, and I found out that love is wonderful when accepted and embraced.

When I first got my sisterlocks I wanted to cry because I thought it looked like little snakes all around sharp and twisted (because of the old perm) and so small and not filled in and so many parts and I wanted to wear a bandana. So different from me using my soft spikes and letting them set (I have tried using very little heat curlers on them and that is not good) and going right to work. Some days I just spritz it with water and rosemary essential oils (i have two bottles one at home one at work). I love keeping my hair moist from time to time. Not drenched like jeri curls but wetting and go to keep the pointers behaving.

Its getting odd I have locks in my eyes when the wind blows them and it scares me when I'm driving. I get them caught in my earrings because their falling just below my ears now. I feel a little bit on my neck which is ever so lovely and I like braiding them and letting them loose to be wild. I love it when people touch them. I can't wait to tell people about them when they ask. But my question is always this, women come up to me and say I want my hair to look like that but I'm just afraid. Afraid of what I wonder? The committment, the freedom from pressing comes and smelling like grease and oils and waxes? I haven't had anything but soap and water in my hair for over a year and ya know what? It hasn't fallen out. Do I some times want longer hair - yup but I know that my hair grows six inches per year and next year it will be around 10 - 12 inches long - yep 10 -12 inches long that's crazy for me. How do I know this because if you leave your hair alone it grows it can't help it. I also know because when I started I had 1 1/2 inches of coiled hair plus 2 - 3 inches of permed hair and not its almost 4.5 and that's with locking and using the tool and cutting out all of the permed hair. Hmm I wish I would've made the decision sooner. It hasn't cost me a job or a promotion or love in my life (if any hair style did I wouldn't want it). My sister and nephew both have theirs done too which only makes me happier. Yeah anniversary :)