Monday, May 9, 2011

Hmmmm split pea soup

I'm getting ready to go to my nephews play but more than that I'm feeling that warm anxious scared feeling that comes when I don't have any substances (sugar or flour) in my body.

I've started going back to meetings and working on myself again. I'm also very excited to work on helping another starting Not for Profit get started and it may be my opportunity to get started too.

I helped a friend of mine with a terrible issue. He's being attacked at work by his team, his supervisor and even the supervisor above him - very ugly very nasty and will get very serious soon. I pray for his exoneration and strength. Its so hard when you feel exhiled. I remember it well. I lift him up to the universe to help protect him.

I write, I journal, I plan my food and I try not to weigh myself. Also I feel. It seems like I feel everything. When something is going well - I feel. When something is hurting - I feel even more. I dream about the job and my successes. I worry about my daughter going away to college. I worry that I am making the wrong decision at pretty much every step. But then other times I am confident, and happy and know that I am right on track for what God wants for me. Its soo odd

So the title? I don't know I feel like making split pea soup for dinner and then I started writing first.