Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So off I go

I'm so excited that I am getting started into new and better avenues. One I get my check in with my psychic this week (even though some of yall might not agree I think its fun), two my sisters (Renee and Shelley) and Steph and I are starting a networking group and I couldn't be happier its so good to have support and I hope we continue. If you are in the Denver metro area and want to give or receive support in starting your own business you can join our group Its open to all we are trying to visit small businesses for the meeting places, support each others events and businesses (when we can) and "hire" the best speakers we can (as a big ol' group).

Onto my hair, my sister is starting to tighten my hair and that girl can twist tight - jk it wasn't that bad. I am back to using the sisterlocks starter shampoo just to get the texture back as it was softer and wasn't locking quite as fast. I have to admit it is harder in texture but I love the smell of the knotty boy better but don't tell Dr. Cornwell that :)

I see it growing more which is odd I have some that are past my chin now (if I pull them) and then of course there's the blowing in the hair that I haven't ever felt before without extensions. Man oh man am I on my way!