Friday, March 21, 2008

Whatup with your hair?


Had sushi with my girl a few weeks ago. It was amazing to be able to swim and have fun and not worry about my hair. I showered and didn't bunch and band at all and nothing came out. I got my retightening done two weeks later and no slippage!!!

I am using the knotty boy shampoo bar once a week now it smells great and it doesn't take much. I wet my hair, run my hands over the bar and get them suds up then squish it into my wet hair. Then I rinse and do it again. The bar leaves my hair with no signs of that squishy conditioner feeling it feels bone dry and very clean. Love it! The bar is about $12 bucks but its worth it.

I was at my sisters birthday party and I did cute little pipe cleaner set which made them lay down like I was some jazz singer. My sis was amazed at how thick my hair is getting. I have no space in between the sections anymore. She asked me today while we were on the phone do you have thick hair? I told her I do now!

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