Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Year new things

So I'm doing homework for school (I'm getting my Master's in about four more classes) :)

I look out into the sky and I think of what I did this morning to get ready for a party we have to go to in about 4 hours. To prepare my hair for this event - after all this is what the forum is for - I spritz'd my hair with water (no peppermint essential oil today) and rolled small sections with pipe cleaners (just the ends). It will take about 15 minutes for the curl to show and that it is voila I will be done.

I have my first official lock! Its in the back of my head the left hand side. I'm really enjoying playing with it. My loctician the wonderful Joyce showed me where it was and had to see the difference in the texture it is hard and steady. It doesn't have any curls or loops to it. You can definitely feel the "setting in" that people describe. To me I'm overjoyed because this is what four months of work was for. I'm finally seeing some type of change that's hopeful to me having a full head of locks.

My coworkers are now commenting on my hair and how great it looks one lady asked me "but where is your long hair" and I told her "its here just wait and see". I some of the time want to pull on it to have it grow and grow if I had a button to push I would but alas, I get to wait. I desperately want to go shopping for things to put in my hair -- beads, jewels. I really am loving this.


Lakia said...

Congrats on your first lock. i got a few that are trying to settle myself. Congrats on diligently working on your masters.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being so close to receiving your Masters and the first lock!!!

Whenever you find that button, please send it my way! hehe!

SeZ said...

Your locs are looking good and I know that seeing any locking is exciting. Much congrads for reaching for your goals.