Sunday, December 16, 2007

Three Months Shots

Okay here are my three month old shots for my hairy hair I wanna curl it everyday but I don't want weak spots.

Hmmm I still love how hair my feels all crunchy and poofy. I only had about ten slipped locs and she redid them in about 30 minutes in between my full retightening which was soooo great!
Take note of how much different it looks from my first do in September! Its grown so much on the right hand side and where there were weaker spots. I have funny little top ones that want to run away on their own. I'm starting to get lots of compliments and even weird "what is that in your hair looks". I can't wait to start doing my own but in the meantime my loctician and I are going to see alot of each other. Its about 2.5 hours to get them all retightened, at twenty bucks an hour its not cheap but definitely easier to manage and nicer to deal than damaging my hair. Now and then I swear its talking to me and telling me thank you!

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Anonymous said...

Your lots are definitely growing!!