Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Perm rods and the Asian Shop

So I stop by the Asian hair place to get perm rods, additional rubber bands and one scarf. The gentleman that usually helped me with my #4 weave hair in curly or remy straight just stared at me and all I said was "hello". He said "you're doing something different with your hair?" then I explained sisterlocks and that I was to a point where I think I can perm rod them and he smiled and kept staring and told me "good for you".

well, I can't tell you what that did for me I used to never leave that place with at least $80 less out of my pocket - today's total a whopping $8. Can you say 100% decrease in one month at the hair shop mmmmm mmmmm loving that a lot. And my hair looks cute and healthy.

Here's to enjoying the experience, right?

Also my loctician called to see how my locks were doing - WOW! I just loved that, I must tell her when I see her next week! see you all later


Valenciajaz said...

Welcome to the Sisterhood of Sisterlocks.

NewlyLocd said...

Thank you so much I just love it :)

B said...

I think you hair is beautiful. I was also one with thin hair and while I have been locked for going on 8 years I will say it was the best thing my thin hair has ever had. Hang in there and keep us posted.


EMKnight said...

this is really great...Im so tired of giving away so much money to the industry of wigs, weaves and coverups that I am looking for this freedom. Thank you for journaling so I can get an understanding of sisterlocks and the journey I must take for my own life...uncovering the real me...and loving her completely