Monday, October 1, 2007

My first month with locs

So its been one month and honestly its pretty frustrating. I see slow changes and lots of slippage. I love how my hair feels and its so great to have the freedom of no combs etc. Considering my hair as it looks naturally (on 9/13/07) and now (10/1/07) its really quite a difference. I'm not seeing as many parts and it seems to be ok

The frustrating part is the bundling of the hair that you really don't hear about before you wash it.
If I had to do all over again I WOULD NOT wash my hair at all until its time for a retightening. The will be my second retightening on 10/3/07 and every time I wash it or wet it (I bundle religiously) there is still a significant amount of slippage.

I will post a picture of my slippage for those who may want to know and also the bundling process which only adds about 15 minutes to my morning but if i don't bundle and let it curl on the ends my locks look frightening because of the permed parts.

But I'll try again Wed and then see. Here's to next two weeks.


Khandi said...

WOW I don't think i would be able to handle someone who treated me like that. I personally think it is highly unprofessional of her esp not to take time to address your concerns.
Has your relationship improved?

NewlyLocd said...

Yes, she is sooo much better now. The young lady that referred me to her had a discussion with her and ever since it has been night and day! I am enjoying my experience - finally! She even calls to check on my progress. I couldn't be happier now.