Thursday, October 4, 2007

Let me just say


When I got my first sisterlocks (the test pattern) you can see about how long and thin my hair was.

Now this same area looks like this:

I finished another retightening and turn around cannot describe how I feel. She was pleasant, nice, listened to me and my frustrations and then proceeded to start to do my hair. Sure from time to time she stopped to look at email and make phone calls but she always apologized and let me know that she had to let her fingers rest before continuing.

She also kept a little time clock that she would turn off and on as the night progressed. Overall a very different and enjoyable experience.

For the newly loc'd your hair may do like mine and lie down whenever you get retightened this is normal.

and it feels great and pulled like a ponytail tight but I like my hair twisty and free so it'll take a few days to go away before its back to the curly fro that i love after a few bundles. I will try this time not to wet it (only mist for stylin) until my next appointment.

wish me luck and will write again after the 16th (my next appointment)

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'Chelle said...

So, sis,
I got my test locks on October 2nd and my loctitian seemed very knowledgeable and excited about MY progress. Very encouraging...I set up my appointment for November 12th and anxiously await to see what my locks will turn out to look like six months from now...

October 5th
After looking at your blog and feeling the texture of my own "testers", I decided I didn't want to wait. I called my loctician and tried desparately to reschedule an appointment for this month instead. Luckily, she was able to fit me into two days where I can start on the 11th and finish the 18th. Now, I can begin seeing a difference in my self esteem with natural hair as opposed to all of the perms, weaves and wigs I've faithfully worn for the past 5 years that have left my natural hair starving for attention...