Friday, November 16, 2007

Two months

After two months so much has changed. I feel like I'm growing as a person with my locks and growing up in my knowledge of the process. I've learned a few things that I would like to share with anyone considering getting their locks done.

I would recommend anyone thinking about locks spend a minimum of two months with their own natural hair and hair length. Getting to know yourself in this manner made me so much stronger. I had no wigs or weaves in between me and my hair. I gelled it and took care to really get to feel each coil and move my fingers through with ease.

After my locks were put in a good friend of mine, Val, told me that I would get my strength in about three months. I didn't know what she was speaking of but now I feel I do. My strength is getting up everyday, believing in myself and in my own beauty with or without hair or extensions or makeup. I receive more looks, glances, and smiles with my hair natural than ever before and I am becoming stronger.

There are still days that I wish that my hair were flowing down my back but I want it to be mine and not a product of what I have been told is pretty or beautiful. My daughter is growing up now (she's 16) I want to be an icon of beauty for her and sisterlocks is helping me accomplish this goal.

My hair now gets retightened -- see photo to the right -- then it flattens down, after that it just starts to puff out after i braid and bunch it but this picture shows the growth pretty well I think.


Anonymous said...

Your Sisterlocks are coming along nicely!!

I've also learned a great deal since getting Sisterlocked. Not everyday will be a good hair day but I have had more good days Sisterlocked than with my loose hair. Patience is something I'm still working on, I want my hair to be mid-back as well and know that, if my hair will even grow that length, it will take time.

Just wait til you hit your one year mark and you are comparing the pics. I look forward to reading your lock updates. Before you know it your perm will all be cut off and braiding and banding will be a thing of the past.

NewlyLocd said...

Thanks for the encouragement. It gets so hard some of the time, only when they unravel, etc. The rest of the time I love them but it seems that I am doing something wrong because I can't wash it at all and I like to wash it with the start shampoo but it always comes down so much that now I don't even want to get it wet. Then I get advice that says don't curl it, manipulate them too much, etc. Well right now, I'm just leaving them be because they are no more than twists at this point and don't want to loc much at all. But I am getting some nice balls at the end of some which is helpful. Thanks again for the encouragement.

Anonymous said...

Something I'm a bit ashamed to mention is that I have yet to really manipulate my hair much. I have been locked for almost 1.5 years and have not curled or braided(unless I was washing my hair) or did much of anything but wear it with a headband.

I was meaning to you braid and band? I think the consultants only instruct to band at the ends but braiding allows even more protection.

Once you permed ends are gone your locking process will go more smoothly..

Keep your head up

Anonymous said...

I braid and I band whenever I wash my hair. I try to not wet it as much as possible I spritz it with water daily so that I can manipulate it before I leave.

I probably curl it way too much. I had an interview (I'm a network engineer) and thought hmmm what to do what to do, but I perm rod to keep the permed ends from looking so wild!

Can't wait for the perm to be cut out. I still love it though. Thanks for the encouragement