Sunday, November 4, 2007

Almost Two Months Old

My next retightening will be two months! I am so excited my hair has taken on its own little life of its own and is growing like a weed. Let's see if you all agree? I'm trying not to curl the ends that are still permed too much and keeping braids and bunching from time to time. I'm noticing alot of dry scalp in the front and that's a little odd but its okay.

I'm using knottyboys' peppermint spray for itch relief. My sisterlocks are starting to have little knots at the end of them which feels so cool. I have cantkeepmyhandsoutofmyhairitis. Its getting worse I keep grabbing and touching and pulling on my locks more and more. Here's my shot from us on Halloween. It was so cool! My daughter asked "What are you gonna do to your hair" and I said "Wet it and go!"

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