Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pretty good job so far

I've been doing a great job doing my every damn day workout plan. I've been working out at least 30 minutes per day since December 29. Is it hard - yup! I'm also really focusing on my nutrition, keeping to my ww points I need for the day and starting a new supplement of chromium picolinate 200 1 per day and whey protein after I work out. I've also starting thinking about taking mx-ls7 from iSatori, but not sure right now. I'm only taking one a day because i have high blood pressure but I will see what happens and let you know.

My biggest issue is that I'm trying to lose more than I did last year and get in better shape overall. (Hence the working out and strength training every day). I want more overall core strength better and trying to do more cardio to get my waist and hips smaller. We shall see :)

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Anonymous said...

You hang in there and everything will fall into place. Just know that adding in carido & strength training may give a smaller appearance but you might weigh more. Example; there was this track runner I knew back in college who had the most amazing body. She was 5'4 wore a size 3-4 and was 145lbs. Meanwhile at the time I was 115lbs wearing the same size.