Saturday, March 28, 2009

Not much to say today

Lots to think about though. I'm officially down 14 lbs! That's incredible to me, but more importantly its a scary time. Usually when I get this close to under 200 I really do sabotage. I talked to my WW leader and am trying to reframe and story board - basically plan what I'm going to do in situations that get to me. Some of the time I don't want to work out, some of the time I want to eat and eat and eat when I'm stressed - which is a lot more than I care to mention - at work. The politics, back stabbing, etc. It gets to me, I then have to think, I die from to much stress or because I ate myself to death these same people would be first in line to say something ugly at my funeral!

So I strive to give the best of myself, I try to be better, I work out harder, trying to lift more weights, train harder, eat less, splurge less (but still be satisfied). My new life is a scary road but I'm willing to keep training

By the way here's my new bike I'm getting for B-Day


NappTown said...

Hang in there with your weight loss. It is my goal to get under 200 as well. I am 20 pounds away from that goal but 30 pounds away from my ideal weight. Stay strong and be encouraged! :-)

Locked Professional said...

Thank you I sure will, I'm down another 2. What's your biggest downfall? With me its getting myself out of a trigger (stress, anger, extreme emotion). Here's to us giving up this weight - I don't lose weight cuz I ain't looking for it ever again :)